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For the Discerning Buyer

Buying a home can be a daunting task [for many]. Too many choices, too many numbers and too much paperwork! Coral Sea Real Estate has over 15 years of expertise in Real Estate sales on Guam and will walk you through every step of the way. We feature over 300 condominiums & 220 single family homes on Guam. Our in-depth knowledge of the Bank loan options & process, Title & Escrow requirements, appraisals & survey is all available for you and will ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable Home Buying Experience.  > Start your property search


For the Savvy Investor

Return on your investment is Key! Coral Sea Real Estate has over 20 years of experience in property development. From just an individual project to a subdivision of homes, we will help identify one that is best suited for your budget. We also feature many properties that offer a great return on Investment through a steady rental income.  > Contact us for more information


For the Smart Seller

Every home is unique, with its own personality. Coral Sea Real Estate works with homeowners to showcase the positive elements of their home and thereby ensuring the maximum return on their investment.  > Get listed with us


For the Quick Renter

Time is of Essence! Our comprehensive & most current list of over 250 condos & 180 individual homes features properties available for rent immediately on Guam. Whether you are moving into Guam for the first time or moving from one village to another on Island, our simple step by step process will make your move hasslefree and smooth.  > Start your search for condo rentals   |   > Start  your search for home rentals